is a product of Dropseed

Automated dependency updates,
using the same tools that you use

Dependency updates done natively in a CI-like environment.

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Native tools

By running updates in containers, we're able to use the same tools and package managers that you use as a developer.

Lockfiles and manifests

Most package managers give you two files: a manifest to declare dependencies and a lockfile to ensure installs are reproducible. We have first-class support for both and treat them differently.

Customizable updates

With a full clone of your repo at hand, you can insert additional steps into the update process — ensuring that the final PR doesn't require any additional changes.

Multiple languages

We aim to provide automatic updates for any kind of dependency. If you use something that we don't yet support, let's build it together.

Built on open-source

We open source every component. You can see how they work, improve them, or build your own.

On your schedule

Weekly or monthly updates help keep projects relevant without being overwhelming.

Dependencies are part of your app, treat them that way.