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Automated pull requests for all dependencies


A single service for managing all of your dependencies.

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The dependencies platform

A flexible system to fit any language or framework.

Any language, any framework

Our Docker-based platform can support anything that you do, using the same tools that you use.

Built on open-source

We open source every collector and actor. You can understand how they work, improve them, or build your own.

Version content discovery

We go the extra mile to track down as much information as we can about each release. Changelogs, blog posts, you name it.

Docker containers

By leveraging containers we've designed a plug-and-play system that uses native tools for managing and updating dependencies.

A platform for developers

Everybody works a little differently. If you've got a custom setup, just build the collector or actor and let us do the rest.

One unified system

Regardless of where a dependency comes from, in the end you just want to know when new versions are available. You should only need one tool for that.

Dependencies are part of your code, treat them that way.