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Automated Builds

Every day, week, or month will checkout your repo and run a "build". Each build will run a series of collectors and actors to read and update your dependencies.

Step 1 Collectors

Collectors are the first step in each build. Their job is to determine what you have installed, and which versions are available. Each collector is a Docker container, and can have any software installed that it needs. build screenshot
Version content discovery

Step 2 Version content discovery

Once we know what versions to act on, will use a custom algorithm to track down the best release notes that we can find. That information is then handed to the actors so that we can send you the most informative notifications possible.

Step 3 Actors

With release notes in-hand, actors can notify you however you like. Pull requests can deliver the update straight to your repo, and can even run custom commands that are specific to your workflow. If you'd rather handle updates yourself then you can use issues, Slack, or other types of notifications to kick-start the conversation and let everyone know what's available.

Actor pull request diff

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