is a product of Dropseed

Introduction is a hosted service for managing your project dependencies. It is designed to work the way that you work. By leveraging containers, we can replicate your development environment and use the same tools that you use on the command line to manage your dependencies. This means that not only can we use the native package manager itself (npm, yarn, composer, pip, etc.), but we can also run any custom scripts or commands that play a role in managing your repo and its dependencies.

When you get a pull request from, it should be ready to merge -- making it easier (and more likely) for you to stay on top of updates and get the benefit of bug fixes, security patches, and new features to help build your product.

How is this different from other services?

If you're here, then you have likely seen other services that also provide automatic updates to dependencies. A lot of them work great for specific languages or situations, but in our opinion can fall short as soon as you get outside of what they offer or the simplest of setups. With, we wanted to build a powerful and flexible update system that:

  • uses the native tools as much as possible
  • allows users to run additional commands specific to their workflow and project
  • can grow with new languages and package managers