is a product of Dropseed

Introduction is a hosted service for managing project dependencies. Once installed on your git repo, we will collect the various dependency versions that you use and identify which have updates available. With that information we can keep you informed and even automate your dependency updates. The platform is designed to be flexible with your workflow, and can do anything from send your team a Slack message, to create a GitHub pull request with the update already made.

All it requires is a single dependencies.yml file at the root of your repo, which points us to the various dependency files in your project. Depending on the type of dependencies in each file, we’ll run a collector to find out what you have installed and which versions are available, then any actors to deliver those updates to you.

How is this different from other services?

As you’d expect, there are a handful of other services and tools out there that can help you stay on top of dependencies. Most of them are language specific, and only support certain setups or configurations. Everyone develops software a little bit differently. It’s not uncommon for a single project to use several different languages, frameworks, and package management tools.

By leveraging docker containers, we set out to build a single service that could work with anything that you do. You shouldn’t have to use multiple services to automate your dependency management.