is a product of Dropseed


A component for updating javascript dependencies using npm or yarn.


Set the path to a directory containing a package.json and optional lockfiles. Both package-lock.json and yarn.lock are supported, and will be detected automatically. Yarn workspaces are also supported and the package.json for each workspace will be included.

version: 2
- type: js
  path: app
    # set the NODE_ENV env variable
    # default: development
    node_env: production

    # contents to put in ~/.npmrc
    # default: none
    npmrc: |

    # by default we'll collect the package.json versions under the "latest" dist-tag (default npm behavior)
    # if you want to follow a specific dist-tag (like "next" or "unstable"), then you
    # can specify that here by the package name
    # default: none
      semantic-release: next

There are also additional settings available for further customizing how updates are made.




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