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A component that can update strings in files based on git repo tags. Useful for dependencies which don't use a package manager, but are located on GitHub (or another public git repository).


version: 2
- type: git-repos
  path: git_repos.yml

Then list the git repos you depend on, and any additional files where you want to replace text based on the available versions (tags) of the repository.

# git_repos.yml
- url:
  installed: v0.17.0

- url:
  installed: v1.6.4
  replace_in_files: '{name}=={version}'

If there are multiple kinds of tags published in the repository and they use a consistent string to prefix the one that you want, you can filter the tags and strip the prefix by using the tag_prefix setting.

# git_repos.yml
- url:
  installed: 3.24.0
  tag_prefix: raven-js@

There are also additional settings available for further customizing how updates are made.




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