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Version filtering

With a custom version-filtering syntax, you can flexibly decide exactly which versions you want to be acted on.

For SemVer compliant versioning, you can use our semver filtering, and for anything else you can use regular expressions.


One filter for a group of dependencies

Our L (version lock) syntax allows you to filter versions based on what you currently have installed. This makes it easy to get all patches to your installed version of every dependency (e.g. L.L.Y), whereas with most semver syntaxes you’d have to manually enter the major and minor range for each dependency (e.g. 3.1.x, 4.0.x, etc.).

New behavior for x/*

In some semver libraries (ex. node-semver), everything after a x or * wildcard range will match. This makes it impossible to get all minor updates without also getting their patches. Our Y (yes) syntax defaults to 0 for everything after it. So to get minor updates without also getting patches, just use L.Y.0. Combine that with OR and you can now get notified about new minor updates to your version, as well as patches to your minor version: L.Y.0 || L.L.Y

Syntax overview

L (version “lock”)

Lock this “slot” (major/minor/patch/prerelease) to what you have installed. Lets you quickly filter down to updates to your installed version.

Y (“yes”)

Anything in this “slot” (major/minor/patch/prerelease) will match. Slots after it default to 0.

Regular expressions

Not everything follows semantic versioning. If that’s the case, you can still filter the versions that you want by using regular expressions. Just use the versions_regex field instead of versions in your dependencies.yml.


Patches to my installed version
versions: "L.L.Y"
New minor updates to my major version
versions: "L.Y"
# or
versions: "L.Y.0"
New minor updates to my major version and patches to my installed minor version
versions: "L.Y.0 || L.L.Y"
New major releases only
versions: "Y"
# which is the same as
versions: "Y.0.0"
All major, minor, patch, and prerelease versions
versions: "Y.Y.Y-Y"
“nightly” releases
versions_regex: "nightly"