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Config variables

If you have multiple projects on, you may want to share parts of your dependencies.yml across them. You can use "config variables" to do this.

Using config variables

  1. Add the projects to a billing account
  2. Create a new config variable for the billing account (which makes it available to all projects in that acccount) config variable
  3. Use the variable in a project's dependencies.yml file by prefixing the name with $
version: 2
- type: js
    github_labels: $labels

Reusing small parts of configuration

Typically you will want to reuse specific settings across your projects, like the labels you want on the PR or the commit message prefix or branch prefix.

version: 2
- type: js
    commit_message_prefix: $default_commit_message_prefix

With a default_commit_message_prefix variable:

"(deps) "

Reusing large parts of configuration

There is no limit on how much of the config is used via variables. They are simply chunks of yaml that you can extract and share across projects. If your repositories are almost identical, you can put your entire dependencies.yml config file in a variable.

version: 2
dependencies: $js_config

And in your js_config variable:

- type: js
    - deps
    commit_message_prefix: "(deps) "


When you use config variables through a billing account, only the admins of that account can add/update/delete the settings. Collaborators of the individual projects where they are used will have the ability to see the values of those variables, but not modify them. If you have concerns about using "secrets" in your config variables (which you do not want collaborators to be able to see), then contact us for additional options.