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Collector: js-lerna

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A collector for collecting JS monorepo dependencies that use Lerna.


The path should be the directory that contains your lerna.json.


- type: js-lerna
  path: /  # directory where lerna.json is located, root of your repo most likely
    # by default we autodetect npm/yarn and do basic install
    root_install_command: npm run your-install-script

    # please use --concurrency=1 if you provide your own command
    bootstrap_command: lerna bootstrap --concurrency 1  # this is what is used by default

    # false by default, enable if your lerna setup would benefit from
    # also collecting/acting on the dependencies in your root package.json
    # - this should probably be true if you use "hoist"
    collect_root: true

  - ...

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Any questions or issues with this specific actor should be discussed in GitHub issues. If there is private information which needs to be shared then you can instead use the support.