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Building Actors

Actors are extremely flexible. The most common task for an actor is to create a new git branch, update a dependency, git commit and push, and then open a pull request. If that’s not the way that you work, you can use actors for sending other kinds of lightweight or team-wide notifications like email, Slack, issue trackers, or whatever your team uses to communicate.

Once your actor has done it’s thing, all it needs to do is send the same JSON schema to stdout so that knows it was successful. This way we can save that action in our database and won’t ask you to do it again.


Because sending a pull request (or “merge request” on GitLab) is so common, we’ve pulled that functionality out into a small Go program that you can easily install in your container and use. It’s made to work with (the environment variables in particular) and we use it in all of our official actors.

If you’re building an actor that sends pull requests or merge requests, we highly recommend that you make use of it.

dependencies-io/pullrequest on GitHub


Take a look at the source code for our official actors to see more implementation details.

Official actors on GitHub