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A actor creates GitHub issues to notify you of new versions.


For each dependency, it will create 1 issue and list out all of the new versions that are available for it and any additional information about them.


- ...
  - type: repo-issue
    versions: "L.Y.Y"
    settings:  # all settings are optional
      # github options
      github_labels:  # list of label names
      - bug
      github_assignees:  # list of usernames
      - davegaeddert
      github_milestone: 3  # milestone number

      # gitlab options
      # Set an issue to be confidential. Default is false.
      gitlab_confidential: true  
      # The ID of a user to assign issue
      - 1
      # The ID of a milestone to assign issue
      gitlab_milestone_id: 0
      # Label names for an issue
      - discussion
      # Date time string, ISO 8601 formatted, e.g. 2016-03-11T03:45:40Z (requires admin or project owner rights)
      gitlab_created_at: '2016-03-11T03:45:40Z'
      # Date time string in the format YEAR-MONTH-DAY, e.g. 2016-03-11
      gitlab_due_date: '2016-03-11'
      # The IID of a merge request in which to resolve all issues. This will fill the issue with a default description and mark all discussions as resolved. When passing a description or title, these values will take precedence over the default values.
      gitlab_merge_request_to_resolve_discussions_of: 0  
      # The ID of a discussion to resolve. This will fill in the issue with a default description and mark the discussion as resolved. Use in combination with merge_request_to_resolve_discussions_of.
      gitlab_discussion_to_resolve: 0
      # The weight of the issue in range 0 to 9
      gitlab_weight: 3

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Any questions or issues with this specific actor should be discussed in GitHub issues. If there is private information which needs to be shared then you can instead use the support.