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A actor that does a basic text find and replace of versions in repo files, then creates a pull request.


If you want to replace text in specific files, then use the paths setting. Additionally, if you’re worried about replacing the wrong strings then you can use pattern to further define the string that is found and replaced using variables from the dependency.


- ...
  - type: find-replace
    settings:  # all settings are optional
      paths:  # files to do the replacement in (otherwise will use the file the dependency was collected from)
      # pattern that sed will find/replace
      # can use `name`, `version`, `version_clean`, `source`, and `path` of the dependency
      # defaults to {version} to only replace based on the version numbers
      - '{name}: {version}'

      # Settings to configure the PR itself can be found
      # on the dependencies-io/pullrequest repo

Pattern args

  • name - name of the dependency
  • version - version string
  • version_clean - version with leading “v” or “=” removed
  • source - dependency.source (ex. “npm”, “pypi”, “git”, etc.)
  • path - dependency.path path that the collector gave for where this is installed at (ex. app/package.json)

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Any questions or issues with this specific actor should be discussed in GitHub issues. If there is private information which needs to be shared then you can instead use the support.